Lime Green Paper Pulp Quail Egg Cartons (18 eggs)



Lime green quail egg cartons are what everyone needs in their lives. No really we are not kidding! It is such a fun color and really draws attention to them when setting up at markets. Don’t believe us? You should give them a try and see what people have to say.

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If you love the 18 egg quail egg cartons you are in luck because we offer them in other colors as well! We have pinkpurpleteal bluegray and black. Can’t decide which colored quail egg cartons you want? Don’t worry we couldn’t either so we made an assorted pack! You can find those here.


Egg carton dimensions:

Top- 6.75”x3.25”

Egg cells- 1″ x 1.4″


Egg Cartons can be used for a variety of industries including the following:







Arts and crafts




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