Innovative and Unique Paper Egg Cartons

Make Your Farm or Homestead Stand Out with Our Eco-Friendly Paper Egg Cartons

A carton of eggs with alternating egg cartons and traffic cones on a white background.

Providing Sustainable Solutions to Your Egg Packaging Needs

Here at Poultry Cartons, we perfectly comprehend the significance of eggs in the lives of smallholders, farmers and breeders. We have hence dedicated our efforts towards coming up with a unique egg container that is environmentally friendly.
Our sustainable egg packaging considers both the environment and your business. When you choose to go with our cartons, you not only save the environment but also put your eggs in their best position.

Through attractive colors and designs on our cartons, we aim at helping your eggs outshine others in the market for better client relationships that will make you different from others. It’s not just about packaging it’s about being distinct.

Saving the Earth, One Egg Carton at a Time with Cardboard Egg Boxes

At Poultry Cartons, we promote an eco-friendly solution to some of the environmental problems our world is facing today. By providing a product made from recycled paper pulp materials, we are helping save energy, reduce greenhouse emissions, conserve natural resources, and keep landfills free from unnecessary trash.

Our mission to help save the planet begins with the choice of cardboard egg boxes we offer versus the plastic egg cartons our competitors offer that are currently filling our landfills but not actually breaking down. One small step can lead to huge changes. 

Aside from the obvious eco-friendly reason, cardboard egg cartons actually help to keep eggs from breaking with their natural padding within the cardboard paper pulp. 

An egg carton of colorful eggs with a mix of speckled and solid hues against a white background.

Offering Cartons in Wholesale and Retail

Whether you need just a few egg crates for your small flock , or you need to buy your egg cartons in bulk for your big flock, we offer our egg crates in a variety of quantities to meet your egg packaging needs including free shipping to the lower 48*.

(*48 states, and the District of Columbia, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Our pulp egg cartons offer more durable options while still being cutting edge with uniqueness and color. We want to make sure when choosing Poultry Cartons your product is guaranteed to stand out. 

Poultry Cartons was born out of necessity for what the market was lacking in pulp egg cartons. However, we have fulfilled that need and continue to do so with offering new designs and colors. 

While servicing the quail, chicken and duck market we found that the pulp egg cartons were needed in other industries as well. We have welcomed the relationships we are building and will continue to build through egg cartons. Who knew?!

We are only just getting started with pulp egg cartons!

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Check out our growing variety of available egg crates. Whether you operate a small farm and only need a couple of cartons, you have a big farm and need large quantities, or you want to resell our cartons in your store, we have great deals for unique egg crates for everyone.