Two cartons of quail eggs with some eggs in each, against a white background.

Why I started Poultry Cartons I love our Story

As a small backyard farm with a flock full of chickens some ducks and a couple of geese we knew we wanted quail. The quail venture turned into the idea of supplying quail eggs to local restaurants. We had nothing to put our quail eggs in to deliver to restaurants once the girls started laying eggs. We tried different size quail cartons but none fit our eggs well. The rigid plastic containers weren’t big enough, and we were worried about our environmental impact by distributing eggs in plastic cartons adding to an already overly polluted world.

After scouring the internet and talking with many manufacturers we found the perfect solution; Quail egg cartons made from recycled pulp. When we found the right manufacturer, we provided our own size specifications to fit our jumbo Quail eggs, and even introduced new color cartons. Out of our own need for affordable and eco-friendly containers Poultry Cartons was born.

Today we continue that same innovation by introducing new cartons that fit your flock, no matter what fowl you raise, how big your operation, or how you’d like to standout with personalized egg cartons.

Our Mission

…is to supply homesteaders and farmers with a broad selection of innovative and eco-friendly poultry cartons that fit your budget, your farm, and your eggs. Standout with distinctive poultry cartons to build lasting relationships.

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Why Choose Us

At Poultry Cartons, we believe that small poultry operations owned by homesteaders and farmers are the future. Responsibly and sustainably pasture raised poultry doesn’t just lay a better tasting egg, it is a more humane form of sourcing eggs and we want to equip you with packaging helping to reduce pollution and our collective carbon footprint. But why stop there? We see your eggs in all their beautiful colors; we have the cartons to compliment those eggs. Give our egg cartons a try and see why so many farms and homesteaders have made the switch to Poultry Cartons.

Talk To Us

We are here for you, because of you, and thanks to you. Whether you want to share with us your pictures of those rainbow eggs in our distinguishable cartons, you have questions, whether you have specific requests, or you want to brainstorm on other egg carton solutions for your farm; We want to hear from you.