Customers’ Commonly Asked Questions About Poultry Cartons

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. On most cartons we are able to accept returns with the exception of our vintage egg cartons and duck egg cartons, which allows us to keep them the cheapest on the market.

We do expect returned product to be in original condition, and in order to keep our record-keeping straight, you must request your return within 7 days of delivery. The quail egg cartons and/or chicken egg cartons must be returned to us within 7 days of confirmation of return. We do not pay for return shipping.

We are happy to ship egg cartons wherever you are. We already have customers in North America, Europe, and Australia and regularly receive quotes from new countries and territories. Please send us an inquiry for a quote.

We are based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and we do offer local pickup of our egg cartons. Please inquire on the best time to pick up your paper egg cartons.

No. Our focus is paper pulp egg cartons. We love Mother Earth too much to keep adding waste that does not break down and ends up in our air and oceans. While we evaluate alternative packaging materials all the time, we will not consider plastic as an alternative. Instead, we will look for more responsible and sustainable materials to expand our collection.

Sometimes during shipping, our Vintage Egg Cartons and our Duck Cartons become harder to separate. We recognize this and are constantly evaluating alternative shipping and packaging options. However, if you have found that when the cartons feel stuck together, the best way to separate them is to grab the bottom egg cell and the divider between the eggs. If you wiggle a little, then go to the next bottom cell and top divider do this again. They will begin to come loose and come apart undamaged. DO NOT LIFT FROM THE SIDES. THEY WILL TEAR AND BREAK.

We are so glad you asked! Our egg cartons stand out because of four reasons; They are eco-friendly, come in a variety of egg size for different kinds of poultry, they visually stand out, and they are affordable. We pride ourselves in our choice of paper pulp egg cartons. Our paper egg cartons are made from 100% recycled material. They can also easily be recycled. If you do not live in a place where they recycle, don't worry! Our egg cartons are also compostable. This means if they end up in a landfill, they will break down, regardless, unlike plastic

Yes, and I would love to connect with you, our customers and business partners. I run this business by myself to keep your paper pulp egg cartons cost low. Stop by and say hello on Facebook or Instagram (@PoultryCartons). However, if social media is not your thing, that is ok too. I love email too.

We refuse to send a damaged paper egg cartons out into the world. We treat all customers like we would want to be treated and our cartons go through a quality check before being shipped out. Because we do work in an industry of paper that bends and gets damaged, we end up with damaged egg cartons. Instead of just throwing those cartons into recycling, our focus is to donate to schools that can use them for stem projects or arts and crafts in the classroom.