Black Square Paper Pulp Chicken Egg Cartons (12 eggs)


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Poultry Cartons has brought black egg cartons to the market for your marketing benefit. While some reference these cartons as black vintage egg cartons we simply refer to them as 3×4 black egg cartons or square black egg cartons. Regardless of how you reference we hope you will find what you are looking for when it comes to black egg carton options.

Not sure how to personalize your black egg cartons? We have included a few links Here to help you navigate the black egg carton world.

If you are like us and love black egg cartons as much as we do be sure to check out our other cartons: black open top chicken egg cartonblack chicken 6 egg cartonblack duck egg cartonblack quail 12 egg carton and black quail 18 egg carton. We also have Black octagon egg cartons, black 4 egg cartons and black bantam egg cartons.

If you love our square egg cartons we do offer them in other colors such as graybrownpinkgreenblue and purple, lime green, blue mist, poppy red, sunny side up yellow and Kelsey Green. We also have combination packs such as mermaidtulipcotton candypeacock and assorted. We also offer a similar 3×4 configuration with our vintage egg cartons.


The egg cartons can fit small to extra-large eggs chicken eggs sometimes smaller duck eggs.

Egg carton dimensions:

Top- 7.0”x 5.25”

Egg cells- 2”x2.5”


Egg Cartons can be used for a variety of industries including the following:







Arts and crafts


Garden (seed starters or succulent planter)


We want your customer experience to be a positive one. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at

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