One of the million dollar questions: Do colored eggs taste different?

Black egg carton with rainbow eggs

Do colored eggs taste different? The short answer to this is NO! All hens are created equal when it comes to the process of laying eggs. Some lay more eggs throughout the year while others lay less but overall it is the same process.

It takes roughly 26 hours for a chicken to lay an egg. The chicken ovulates (this is the yolk) every 24-26 hours regardless of fertilization. The egg travels through the oviduct of a chicken. Out of the 26 hour production time 20 hours are spent on the egg shell. Blue egg layers such as Ameracaunas, Araucanas, Easter Eggers and Cream Legbars have their pigment added very early in the egg laying cycle. This allows the color to not only be on the outside but also on the inside of the eggs. Brown egg layers have their ink added towards the end.

What this really means is that a chicken has a printer in her oviduct that colors the egg closer to the end of egg production. Up until that point you will have a simple yolk and egg white. If you are lucky you will get a double yolker!

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