Egg Size. What does that even mean?

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Small eggs. XL eggs. Jumbo eggs. Duck eggs. Quail eggs. Goose eggs. All kinds of eggs but not sure which size your eggs are? Good news you are not alone! Most backyard farmers, hobby farmers and homesteaders do not pay attention to egg size. Why would you? You have fresh eggs and that is all that matters. Well that is all that matters until you need egg cartons.

Most people find the perfect egg carton but get it home and realize maybe it is not so perfect because it does not fit those jumbo egg layers. Such a bummer because those cartons are non refundable, your eggs do not fit and now you are out however much money you spent on those egg cartons. Do not let this happen to you! We are here to help you navigate.

In the United States according to the USDA egg weights are done by the dozen not by the individual egg itself. Let’s unpack that!

Egg Sizes and Weights

Chicken Eggs:Grams, Per EggOunces, Per EggOunces, Per Dozen
Extra Large63.82.2527
Other Poultry Egg Sizes:   
Quail eggs100.35 
Duck Eggs702.5 
Goose Eggs1615.68 
Turkey Eggs87.53.09 

Time to Weigh Those Eggs!

We recognize the vintage feels to the egg scales however, any kitchen scale will do as long as it shows grams and/or ounces. No need to buy anything additional.

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